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Because you care about paving the way for the leaders of tomorrow, please take a moment to LEARN MORE ABOUT THE ARCH OF LEADERSHIP, and see for yourself how this unique program can help your most promising leader prospects.

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The Arch and the Path.

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The Mentors of the Arch of Leadership help leaders to envision, achieve and communicate their broad and encompassing visions and translate them into realities.

"Great leaders inspire success by shaping their lives in dedication to a vision they offer to others, in the spirit of collaboration and mutual aspiration".

Michael Shenkman

"This is one program that focuses exclusively on premium quality professional mentoring to high potential leaders."
— Kenneth Jacobson,, Managing Member
ORBUS International LLC

"All the leaders I know, who identify themselves as leaders and have consciously decided to enter this role, have had a mentor who put them on this path."
— Michael H. Shenkman

The Arch and the Path

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Arch of Leadership
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